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Translation of anatomical terminologies in the Filipino language: A scientific-linguistic exposition and pragmatic compendium

Marwin E. Obmerga, Donna Mae A. Rafa, Aleah Suzanne M. Villanueva, Jaramase Princess G. Ramos

Date of publication:

December 31, 2022

There is a paucity of translation-related studies on anatomy and physiology course as contextualized in the Philippine education setting. This theoretical paper focused on the exposition of the nature and dynamics of translation and linguistics in the context of science education and arranged a practical compendium of Filipino translations for multi-organ system anatomical structures. The inquiry utilized various known translation approaches in the literature, such as (1) word formation; (2) decision-procedure; (3) discipline-driven; (4) meaning-based; (5) dynamic and functionalist; (6) literal; (7) oblique; and (8) inversion approaches, to come up with an appropriate translation for anatomical terminologies that will bridge the gap between the universal and native languages of interest. This scholarly undertaking is expected to benefit science educators, students, and language-related professionals in advancing the intellectualization of the Filipino language in biological science–anatomy and physiology education.

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