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An Analysis of Interactional Metadiscourse Markers on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Op-ed Articles

Ryan Dave Garcia Delos Reyes

Date of publication:

December 31, 2021

Being one of the hardest hit in Southeast Asia by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines considers vaccinations to control the growth of the pandemic; however, past issues with vaccines make it difficult for the country to suppress the pandemic. Adopting the framework of Hyland (2019) and Hyland & Tse (2004), this study analyzed the interactional metadiscourse markers in 20 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy op-ed articles from online Filipino news sources which revealed attitude markers, engagement markers, and hedges to be more frequently used than boosters and self-mentions. Although the subcategories of the framework’s model varied in frequency, the rhetorical nature of op-ed articles were found to be strong and consistent due to the collective culture of the context based on the established discourse between the writer and reader. Comparison of articles from different contexts is recommended to understand differences in rhetorical techniques used in a particular issue.

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