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Development of a Grade 7 K to 12 English viewing courseware

Ionell Jay R. Terogo

Date of publication:

December 31, 2019

This qualitative study which employed the evaluative research method aimed to develop a courseware for English Grade 7 K to 12 curriculum and assess its effectiveness in the viewing competencies. Three experts were designated to evaluate the principles, approaches, and strategies in the courseware. Two sections of the Grade 7 level of a private school in Cebu City were selected to serve as respondents to evaluate the design, activities, and technicalities of the courseware. The level of performance in the viewing competencies was measured through the exercises in the viewing courseware developed by the researcher. The results showed that 1) the viewing courseware used the ADDIE Instruction Design model. 2) The viewing courseware was developed through a Communicative CALL approach embedded in the ADDIE Instructional Design Model. 3) The experts’ evaluation of the courseware was Excellent. 4) The respondents’ evaluation of the courseware was Excellent. 5) The level of performance of the respondents in the viewing competencies targeted in the viewing courseware was Above Average. In conclusion, the viewing courseware had positive reception from the experts and students, and it enhanced the viewing skills of the learners. Therefore, a constructivist CALL-based courseware following the ADDIE model is effective in fulfilling the language proficiency of learners especially on the viewing skill.

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