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The Tagbanua Language in Irawan in the Midst of Globalization

Teresita D. Tajolosa

Date of publication:

June 30, 2006

The purpose of this study was to investigate the Tagbanua language in Irawan alone as a potentially endangered language. Focusing on the language attitudes, language use, and actual language proficiency of the Tagbanua inhabitants, the researcher was interested in determining how these might be affected by the respondents' characteristics such as age, sex, education, and geographical location. Social factors such as intermarriage and stereotyping which might influence the perpetuation or decline of the language were also examined. The respondents included young and adult speakers from Sitio Iratag, Sitio Taga-ud, and lowland Irawan. To determine the language attitudes and language use of the respondents, the researcher administered a set of questionnaires. For actual language proficiency, two native speakers of Tagbanua were hired to do interviews with the respondents. The paper ends with an outlook of how the Tagbanua language can be maintained by its speakers.

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