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Apology Strategies Perceived to be Appropriate by Filipino-Speaking Couples

Leonisa A. Mojica

Date of publication:

December 2003 and June 2004

This study is an attempt to investigate how couples perceive themselves making amends for an offense which they believe might have damaged the addressee's face needs (Brown and Levinson, 1999). It specifically aims to investigate what apology strategies Filipino-speaking couples choose to employ in certain contrived situations; how the weight of the offense influence the type of apology strategy use; if there is any difference in the females' choice of apology strategies from that of their partners; and what implications can be derived from the respondents' choice of apology strategies in terms of functions. Since literature on this aspect is scarce and very few studies are available to support it, the study will be a contribution in the field of sociolinguistics in the country. The results may be considered useful, too, for their pedagogical implications. Classroom activities during values integration sessions can be geared towards familiarizing students with effective ways of satisfying each other's positive and negative face wants.

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