Investigating Cross-linguistic Influence In Selected Bipartite Nouns in Philippine English

Gefilloyd L. De Castro

Date of publication:

December 31, 2020


Language is susceptible to changes especially when it comes in contact with another language or other languages; hence, new features may emerge due to cross-linguistic influence. This study attempted to investigate the emerging features in selected invariable plural bipartite nouns in Philippine English (PhE), which are believed to have been cross-linguistically influenced and found out a developing regularization of the said nouns in that their binary features are both inflected and uninflected due to the L1 interference brought about by perceptual linguistic salience, suggesting alternative morphologicalization and syntactization patterns of existing constructions. The findings may be in support of the claim that PhE is in or now moving towards endonormative stabilization phase at least with respect to linguistic development and structural effect.